Your trusted corporate development partner for value creation and valuation maximization through focused strategic planning, disciplined Build-Buy-Partner evaluation, bolt-on acquisitions, capital-liberating divestitures, and  recapitalizations

Company Profile

Internal Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions departments currently face significant challenges driven by ever increasing technology disruption, changing consumer behavior, the need for continuing innovation and speed to market, EBITDA margin pressure, and activist investor demands.


Athena Associates is an innovative firm value focused Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions advisory boutique working closely as a trusted partner with visionary and shareholder value-focused mid-market UK and US firms.

We work together with company executives to not only formulate strategic domestics and cross-border expansion transactions, but also to manage the end-to-end M&A transaction for the acquisition of the targeted entities. 


Using in-house developed proprietary tools and playbooks that are based on real-world Corporate Development and Strategic Corporate Acquisition transactions, we work hand-in-hand with our visionary clients to ensure that every critical element of their Corporate Development plan, and the resulting acquisition, directly create shareholder value and optimize Return-on-Capital.